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ABRA Companies Just Do it Better

Wednesday, November 14, 2018   (0 Comments)
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  Last Wednesday Bio-Clean of New Jersey, one of our ABRA certified companies, was sent out to a 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility in New Jersey that held a mix of both office and warehouse space.  After being contacted directly by the end user, Bio-Clean was hired on to follow a general specification provided by the client for building hygiene.  Below is the account provided by Andrew Yurchuck of Bio-Clean of their experience working alongside two non-ABRA certified companies on this job.

   For this job, the client had hired on two other, non-ABRA certified, companies coming from South Jersey and Philadelphia.  I have had the pleasure of working with at least five different ABRA certified companies in the past, and it is clear how big of a difference that ABRA certification makes.  I saw major differences between what we do and what the two local competitive companies do, stemming from the staff they hired on for the job.  While we brought one CBRM, one Infection Control Nurse RN, a Supervisor, as well as  a Haz Mat Technician with over 300 hours of specialized training and several years of experience in the petroleum field, the other companies showed up with, what appeared to be, bodies they had picked up at a labor ready.  The second distinguishable factor was in the PPE provided to the employees.  We were the only company that was using blood borne pathogen rated bio-suits to protect our workers.  One of the other companies dressed their workers in custom printed suits that, while they appeared cool, were not BPE rated.  The last distinguishable factor that stood out was the response equipment that was being used on the job.  The parking lot looked impressive lined with all the giant box trucks and super duty Ford trucks, but it was clear the technology in use was very old-school (We saw the way the guys were mixing chemicals onsite).  Each company was assigned to a different building, so I cannot fairly asses the major work differences that were taking place out of sight, but I did see one of the other, non-ABRA certified, company’s technicians wiping down some furniture for a few minutes, and that made it clear we had very different approaches to executing a building hygiene cleaning.  I also was confident that my team was much better equipped for the decontamination at hand, due to the fact that we had just finished doing a hygiene job at a school the week before, which meant my team was already super-efficient at that type of infection cleaning. 


I don’t have anything disparaging to say about the companies.  They did the job that needed to be done at the facility, but I just think after working with so many other industry leaders ABRA companies just do it better.

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