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Active Membership Application
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Thank you for your interest in the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA).

We are a not-for profit International organization dedicated to promoting ethics and education in the field of Bio Recovery, biological hazards, crime / trauma site management. At this time, we are accepting applications. Certain eligibility requirements must be met in order to be considered for membership.

We are an open association and membership is available to anyone who can meet the professional minimum standards set by this organization. Being an ABRA member is the standard by which a certain level of professionalism is bench-marked.  Eligible companies must have and provide required documentation and agree to affidavit items as part of their Active Membership application:



  • Use of ABRA TM Logo for Marketing and reinforcement of business qualifications
  • Listing in FIND an American Bio Recovery Member Company search
  • Contribute to unified and focused niche industry efforts 
  • Optimize your companies ability to stand out  
  • Subscription and ability to contribute to our Quarterly News letter (Bio Recovery Today)
  • Discounts on Conferences and ABRA Educational Seminars
  • Network with the best companies the industry has to offer
  • The Ability to Serve on the Board of Directors and Committees 

APPLICANT DOCUMENTATION PREREQUISITE ITEMS (Please locate and be prepared to submit)

(all need to be in .pdf form)

  1. Submit Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan in compliance with OSHA CFR 1910.1030

  2. Have Bloodborne Pathogen training compliance with OSHA CFR 1910.1030.

  3. Submit Respiratory Protection Plan in compliance with OSHA

  4. Submit Hazard Communication Plan in compliance with OSHA.

  5. Submit contract or letter of agreement with a medical waste transporter or disposal facility/location.

  6. Demonstrate at least six months experience performing Biorecovery.  Upload project summaries.

  7. Proof of Insurance - A copy of Certificate of Insurance (proof of Insurance) meeting the requirements specified in this example. Download Example COI

  8. Proof of existence as a legal business (i.e. occupational, city or county license or state corporation registration, tax number registration). 


As a requirement to a paid active membership with ABRA, the company shall have at least 1 ABRA certified technician on staff at all times. If the company does not have an ABRA certified technician, it shall obtain at least 1 ABRA certified technician within 6 months of  acceptance and is required to maintain at least 1 ABRA certified technician on staff. To maintain membership, a member company must maintain at least 1 ABRA certified technician/claimed location at all times.

ABRA maintains a toll-free telephone number to help those in need of the services of a biorecovery company. All active members are listed with this service. The 24-hour dispatcher will provide a referral to the companies listed on the website. 

Thank you for your interest in ABRA. We look forward to your membership in our Association.

  • If you going to apply for Active Member Company Membership and are currently Signed into your Technician Profile, Please sign out of the website prior to clicking the APPLY HERE.   Do not use the same User Name as your Technician User Name.  Use a unique user name or general alais E-Mail for your Company.  Example (BioCleaningInc) or  or


The Board of Directors                                APPLY HERE

Insurance Docs

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Current Insurance Requirements to be an ABRA Company
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ABRA Insurance Requirements PDF (561.05 KB) Administration 6/7/2017

Contact Us

American Bio Recovery Association
300 New Jersey Avenue NW Suite 900 PMB #9031
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 888-979-2272

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Our mission

ABRA’s objective is “to achieve and maintain the highest levels of competence among members in the performance of their profession. To teach, instill and require the highest technical, ethical and educational standards.” ABRA certified firms are required to maintain proper insurance, OSHA compliance, Bloodborne Pathogen training records, respirator fit testing, proper handling of biohazardous waste and other laws or requirements in order to maintain good standing with the American Bio-Recovery Association aka ABRA.