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ETHICS Committee
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The Ethics and Intervention Committee (the “Ethics Committee”) shall be a permanent, standing committee of the Association, and shall be comprised of at least five (5) Active members who shall consider any alleged violations of the Code of Conduct and Ethics and/or Bylaws of the Association.

(B) Ethics Committee Members:

(i) As provided in Article VIII, Section 3, the President of the Association shall be a member of the Ethics Committee;

(ii) The President shall nominate at least four (4) Active members to serve on the Ethics Committee, whose appointment to the Ethics Committee shall become effective upon confirmation by general resolution of the Board of Directors.

(iii) Members of the Ethics Committee shall be appointed for a period of two (2) years, but may resign or withdraw from the Committee at any time. Members of the Ethics Committee may be removed by general resolution of the Board of Directors for any reason sufficient to remove an Officer or Director of the Association.

a. When a position on the Ethics Committee becomes vacant, it shall be filled by the Secretary in the manner described in Section 1(B)(ii) above, except that, where the vacancy does not reduce the Ethics Committee’s membership to less than five (5) members, the Secretary can, but need not, fill the vacancy. (B) Except as provided for in these Bylaws, the Ethics and Intervention Committee shall operate in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Association’s Policy on Ethics Procedures, which may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors, and attached hereto as Appendix A of the bylaws. 


Neil Clark – Chair

Brian Warren,  Theresa Borst, Joe Walsh, Joan Dougherty, Brian Woronulk, Stuart Frandsen

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ABRA’s objective is “to achieve and maintain the highest levels of competence among members in the performance of their profession. To teach, instill and require the highest technical, ethical and educational standards.” ABRA certified firms are required to maintain proper insurance, OSHA compliance, Bloodborne Pathogen training records, respirator fit testing, proper handling of biohazardous waste and other laws or requirements in order to maintain good standing with the American Bio-Recovery Association aka ABRA.