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ABRA believes that a strong industry depends on a solid education base. The ABRA Certified Bio Recovery Technician training course is recognized by governments and the insurance industry as the training standard for biohazard abatement.

The American Bio Recovery Association has established an international program to test and certify students who have completed ABRA-approved training courses.  These courses are offered by ABRA Certified Certified Schools with training provided and overseen by Bio-Recovery Technician Instructors (ACTBI).  The ACBTIs  have met the stringent criteria of knowledge, experience and ability to present their course in an approved manner.   Although each instructor must create their own program, which may vary in depth and presentation mode, each course must address the basic key points established, in order to be accepted; and provide the needed information for the CBRT candidate the knowledge to pass the ABRA certification exam.



CBRT Minimum Training Course Requirements are 24 hours of lecture.  

Instructors/Schools can extend the course to 40hrs to achieve compliance with US Department of Labor OSHA 1919.120 HAZWOPER.


STEP 1 -  Find and Register for an ABRA CBRT course from an ABRA Certified Bio-Recovery Technician School with and ACTBI Instructors and Schools are 2nd party independents and charge a separate fee to take the course.  The CBRT Exam Fee (Must be prepaid online prior to Step 2.)

See Exam Fees below

CBRT On-Site Training - Standard Exam Fee $150.00 - Exam is taken onsite directly after an onsite ABRA Approved CBRT course.  

CBRT On-Line Training or Virtual Classroom - On-line biometric Proctoring Exam Fee - $150.00 - Exam is taken Remotely on your PC. - Student given access by ABRA Technician processor upon proof of course completion - Step 2.  

*Proof of completion is provided by the instructor via intake form submitted to ABRA technician processing.  

STEP 2 - Attend the course - In person, Online, or Virtual Classroom.

STEP 3 -  Take and pass the 100 pt exam with a score of 75 or better.     


ABRA Exams  - 

The ABRA exams are third party and are for third party certification by ABRA. Upon verified payment of ABRA exam fees.  (must be pre-paid online on ABRA website or by check to the instructor made out to ABRA with the future technician number in the Memo). The On-Line ABRA exam fee receipt will be accepted as your voucher to sit for the exam.  Only the CBRT exam can be taken post CBRT Training Course.




8 Hour Hands Requirement for Technician Candidates that are new to the industry.


A.     Donning and Doffing (One Person) This portion will demonstrate the ability of an individuals to don and doff PPE by them-self, the instructor will watch as all elements of donning and doffing are completed. The student will have the ability to try twice before failing this exercise. If the student fails this portion of the exercise it can be retried at the discretion of the instructor.

B.  Donning and Doffing (Two Person) This portion will demonstrate the student’s ability to don and doff another teammate in a staged highly contaminated environment. the instructor will watch as all elements of donning and doffing are completed. The student has the ability to retry twice before failing this exercise.


A.     Door Way Containment This portion will demonstrate the student’s ability to set up a doorway containment utilizing zip walls, compression bars, double sided tape, and installing a flap and passageway, as determined by the instructor, in a staged contaminated environment. the instructor will watch as all elements of the setup and removal and how they are completed. The instructor can advise of offer guidance but in no way, can give the student any help on completing the task.  The student can retry twice before failing this exercise. Failure of this portion will require the instructor to give an overview of setup and removal of containment and allow the student to retry this portion of the hands on.

B.  Creating a Square room under negative air pressure, utilizing a 500 cfm or higher air scrubber, creating a doorway for entrance.  A differential pressure meter will need to be utilized in this exercise to confirm and show students the mechanics of creating and verifying a negative air pressured environment within the contained area. This portion will demonstrate the student’s ability to prepare proper containment.


Two scenes will be development by a trainer, with a written format, each scene with safety hazards that need to be identified before work can be started.  This includes taking them through Biosafety Risk Assessment. The job will need to be completed from start to finish to ensure the understanding of bio hazard remediation. 


One scene for every four students must be created, in a four-person team selecting a team supervisor a job needs to be completed from talking to a customer on initial contact to finishing and completing the job.  All equipment must be selected by the team and proper PPE must be established. For this exercise, the Instructor may only use a protein source that is pre-approved by the facility where the training will be held.   


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ABRA’s objective is “to achieve and maintain the highest levels of competence among members in the performance of their profession. To teach, instill and require the highest technical, ethical and educational standards.” ABRA certified firms are required to maintain proper insurance, OSHA compliance, Bloodborne Pathogen training records, respirator fit testing, proper handling of biohazardous waste and other laws or requirements in order to maintain good standing with the American Bio-Recovery Association aka ABRA.