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Individual Membership Application
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Individual Membership:

Non-refundable one time application processing fee: $100.00

Annual Dues: $250.00

*Individual memberships are renewable January 01 of each year 



Any person, company, firm, proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or other similarly organized entity engaged in the manufacturing, sale, installation and/or distribution of machinery or supplies, and/or furnishing services to companies and individuals providing Bio-Recovery Remediation, Trauma Scene Abatement, Crime Scene Cleaning, and other similar services shall be eligible for Individual membership in the Association. An Individual member of the Association is required to subscribe to, and abide by, the Bylaws in effect at the time of the Individual member’s acceptance into the Association, and as they may be amended as provided herein. An Individual member is also obligated to subscribe to, and abide by, the Association’s Code of Conduct and Ethics in effect on the date of the Individual member’s acceptance into the Association as well as any amendments thereof. Individual membership is further conditioned upon receipt of all membership dues and fees promptly on their due date, as provided herein. (i) Acceptance as an Individual member in the Association, and/or the renewal of an Individual membership in the Association is conditioned upon the prospective, and/or renewing, member’s certification that it shall have; current certificate(s) from an ABRA approved bio-recovery training program, at least 5 years of experience in the field of bio-recovery, obtain a passing score on the ABRA Technician Certification exam within 6 months of the date of the Individual membership application and maintain a current ABRA Technician certification status at all times.

a. In the event an Individual member fails to maintain ABRA certified technician status, for whatever reason, the Individual member shall have three (3) months from the date it ceased to maintain a current ABRA certified technician status to comply with the requirements of this Section. If, after three (3) months, the Individual member fails to become compliant with this Section, the member’s Individual membership shall be automatically revoked. (ii) Individual member shall be required to be the designated representative of their membership. 


Certificates which are issued to a member upon acceptance into the Association indicate only that the member has met certain requirements established by the Association for its membership…” “…


Associate, Individual and Honorary members shall have all the privileges of Active members except they shall have no voting rights on matters coming before the Association. In addition, Honorary and Associate members may not hold office. Individual members shall not use the ABRA logo…”

Our Policy:

Membership in ABRA requires that the member will subscribe and agree to abide by ABRA’s Code of Ethics and Bylaws, as they are now, or as they may be amended and all Rules, Regulations and/or Policies that are now in effect or may be approved and adopted by the membership or the Board of Directors. Members also agree to meet financial obligations promptly as they become due.


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American Bio Recovery Association
300 New Jersey Avenue NW Suite 900 PMB #9031
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 888-979-2272

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Our mission

ABRA’s objective is “to achieve and maintain the highest levels of competence among members in the performance of their profession. To teach, instill and require the highest technical, ethical and educational standards.” ABRA certified firms are required to maintain proper insurance, OSHA compliance, Bloodborne Pathogen training records, respirator fit testing, proper handling of biohazardous waste and other laws or requirements in order to maintain good standing with the American Bio-Recovery Association aka ABRA.