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International Bio Recovery Summit - Thomas Licker
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Bio Recovery Site Risk Assessment 1.3 - Overview and procedures 


Thomas Licker, CEICR, CBRM

Infection Control Technologies

Thomas Licker, BS, CEICR, CBRM

Thomas Licker has over 20 years of professional experience that includes managing the investigation and remediation of Industrial, Commercial and Residential properties. In addition he has been involved with the risk mitigation of biohazardous and hazardous materials in relation to the food, transportation, life sciences and healthcare industries.  Mr. Licker has worked as a contractor for the Federal EPA Site Assessment and Technical Assistance Team as over-sight for CERCLA and RCRA Corrective Actions. Additional management responsibilities include business development strategies, sales and marketing of Insurance Restoration  Specialists,  Inc.  and  executive  management  of  the  Infection  Control Technologies division. Mr. Licker has been an active member of the New Jersey Food Processors association, New Jersey Food Council, the International Association for Food Protection, International Facility Management Association, American Bio Recovery Association, Association for Professionals in Infection Control and sits as the current President of the Board of Directors for ABRA,. 

Presentation:  Bio Recovery Site Risk Assessment 1.3


Too often in the cleaning industry, we see many companies trying to tackle a project that is completely outside of their “wheelhouse.”  The lure of making a profit on a job is always there but what are the exposures? 

Even in the Bio Recovery industry, we find contractors that jump at the chance of a job, after all, the industry is usually 100% event driven.  By the time an insurance carrier arrives to evaluate the claim, mitigation is finished or almost completed.  Many cleaning company owners think it is “just blood” but, when you look at the variables that can arise, one can quickly become overwhelmed. 

In 2016, The American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA) embarked on developing a guidance document to help contractors understand the perils they face regarding Bio Recovery mitigation projects.  In fact, the Bio Recovery industry is getting more and more dangerous for contractors.  


  • Intelligence gathering on the call – front end management
  • Determine the type of risk present – determination of risk group
  • Identify the risk-group impacted area
  • Determine class (I – IV) of required risk mitigation measures
  • Risk mitigation guidelines/precautions/engineering controls/
  • cross-contamination prevention
  • Life safety assessment
  • Response team sign-off



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ABRA’s objective is “to achieve and maintain the highest levels of competence among members in the performance of their profession. To teach, instill and require the highest technical, ethical and educational standards.” ABRA certified firms are required to maintain proper insurance, OSHA compliance, Bloodborne Pathogen training records, respirator fit testing, proper handling of biohazardous waste and other laws or requirements in order to maintain good standing with the American Bio-Recovery Association aka ABRA.